About Me

Photo by: Alexa Janell Photography
http://www.ajanellphotography.com @ajanell.photography
Photo taken at Organically Grown Muscle‘s Vegan Market Washington


My name is Laura King and I am a Holistic Health Coach, specializing in vegan and plant-based diet, lifestyle and transition support. I am also passionate about movement, deconstructing cravings, setting healthy boundaries, self-care, relationships, and many other aspects of life that affect overall well-being.

Some of my favorite activities include spending time in nature, with friends and family, swimming, making art, music, building things, making delicious food, helping people, and trying new things.

Personal transformation, whether that means doing more, doing less, finding a new way, or just taking a closer look, is natural and necessary. Pruning away what no longer serves us is vital to growing into our truest form. With grace and gratitude, we acknowledge the role the trimmings have played in our journey. They were once the budding new growth that gave us the ability to become much stronger than we were as a sprout. We return them to the soil of our soul, so we can nourish our present and future.

I am excited to share my perspective with you, so thank you for coming with me on this adventure!

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