Spring into Movement

“As the landscape wakes up with longer days in the sunshine, so do we. After conserving so much energy this winter, I’m ready to move! We don’t need to run a marathon or go to the gym everyday to incorporate exercise. We can enjoy ourselves as we disrupt the stagnant energy in our bodies and move it out of our muscles through our breath, sweat, and emotions.  

To move with more purpose, it’s good to know some keys to movement and other aspects that can contribute to a deeper understanding of what motivates you and brings more enjoyment to your day.”

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Conflict Resolution

Conflict: one of our least favorite things, especially in relationships. The dream in place of it is one of peace and harmony… Is that even possible?

Trust Fall: A Lesson and a Practice

Trust is most commonly framed as something that we have with or give to another person either automatically, or over time of learning who they really are. Zooming out, it’s clear how much farther it goes than that, and begs the question… Who and what can we rely on?

The Healthy Disillusion

It’s safe to say that most people would love to be healthier. To live longer, stronger lives with enough energy to accomplish their dreams… or even just to do more fun activities without excess weight, pain, or chronic diseases getting in the way. For me it has taken a while, listening as my body evolves over time to understand what works for me, and I’m still far from finished on the journey. In the earlier years of becoming more health-conscious, I made small changes that felt huge! But, what appeared to be better options were sneaky mirages on the healing path ahead.

Romance Yourself This Valentine’s Day

I don’t know about you, but I love romance! It feels warm and cozy, radiating like a furnace from within. Our culture teaches us to see it as something someone else has the pilot light for, that we can’t spark it on our own, and that if we are not in a romantic relationship, or are in a relationship that is lacking romance, we must suffer through the loneliness and should be pitied.

Is it Gloom or Doom? Ways to Take the Edge Off of the Winter Blues

This is a challenging season for many. Feeling tired, slow, or relatively unproductive. Sadness sneaking in more frequently. It can be harder to navigate toward pleasant feelings than it seems to be with warmer weather and longer days, especially with other social and political stressors and isolations that countless people experience.

How will we make it through the darkest days to see the brightest? That’s not an easy answer. Like with most things related to our individual health, we heal through different practices.

Exploring the Value Within

What does value mean to you?
There are so many words one can associate with value, and discovering those words for ourselves individually can help us discover or solidify our purpose. It’s all relative to you.

What is valuable to you? What makes you feel valued in yourself and in your community? Time? Money? Emotional connection? Actions? Material items? Attention?

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