Spring into Movement

"As the landscape wakes up with longer days in the sunshine, so do we. After conserving so much energy this winter, I’m ready to move! We don’t need to run a marathon or go to the gym everyday to incorporate exercise. We can enjoy ourselves as we disrupt the stagnant energy in our bodies and move it out of our muscles through our breath, sweat, and emotions.   To move with more purpose, it’s good to know some keys to movement and other aspects that can contribute to a deeper understanding of what motivates you and brings more enjoyment to your day." Click to continue reading!

Reframing Creativity

Creativity expands far beyond this one specific area, and into nearly every aspect of our lives. While it may be true that some people are more “creative” than others and some may even identify as “not creative at all,” I’d love to challenge that narrative. In what ways are you creative? What are some new creative approaches you’d like to apply to your life? In what ways have you always been creative and maybe didn’t realize it?

The End of the Rainbow

Finances are one of the biggest topics we will ever face in this life. The way this world has developed has put money in the forefront of nearly every decision we have to make. The value we see so far away is much closer to home than we think. When we search for the infamous gold, we must remember that it’s there waiting for us, even if we need to hit the pavement to find it.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict: one of our least favorite things, especially in relationships. The dream in place of it is one of peace and harmony... Is that even possible?

Cheesy Sauce

Another recipe I can no longer live without. It’s fast and easy, and full of healthy ingredients!

Recipe first, then video overview and photo instructions, followed by ways to modify and commentary.

Adapted from Brandi Doming’s recipe: The Vegan 8 “The Best Vegan Garlic Alfredo Sauce”

1 Yellow Onion (medium)
1 Yam (small-medium)
2 …


Banana Pancakes

I can't stop making these, they are like healthy banana bread for breakfast! They are simple, delicious, vegan, gluten free, sugar free, wholefood, and quite unbelievable!

12 Days of Holistic Health

As the year comes to an end, I love to think about what has happened as a whole in the last 12 months. While some aspects of the end of the year can feel awfully close to the beginning, it’s important to give credit where it’s due in all you’ve done for yourself and/or those around you.

Pumpkin Lentil Curry

If you're still going strong on eating tasty seasonal fruit like pumpkins, check out this simple, easy, and delicious recipe for a lentil curry. To save you time, I'll lay out the recipe first and share my thoughts around it at the end. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I have!

Meal Preparation Basics: Batching and Time-Management

With just a little bit of practice, the extra time really adds up! Not to mention, on the days when you need to make everything and you have no free time, you can jump for joy knowing you won’t need to do it all over again tomorrow.. or the next day… or the next day.

Meal Preparation Basics: Organizing and Planning

Whether you are planning your meals for one day, one week, or making staples you can have available for you weeks ahead of time, it is beneficial to brainstorm a little. Getting options out in the open and seeing how much food and how frequently you want to cook will show you how simple and straight forward it can be. I’ll leave you with some ideas to try out while you’re preparing to get going in the kitchen this season.  

Intro to Meal Preparation

As one season ends and another arrives, it’s a great time to evaluate what your meals look like and how you’d like them to improve. Whether it’s your seasonal job(s) coming to an end, a new school year ahead of you or someone you live with, or you feel pleasant or unpleasant about the weather changing, it’s a great time to practice heathy habits, like home-cooking. What is your favorite meal to prep? Do you prefer to prep the same meal for the week or switch it up day-by-day? What is your favorite part of preparing food?

Creating a Walking/Running Practice

There are so many different reasons people love to go for walks or runs, and under such different circumstances. The cycles of the seasons of life have a way of shifting interests, patterns, and priorities. Adapting to these changes is natural and means we won’t always be doing all the things we want to do. It doesn’t make us any less, or mean we’ve failed. It doesn’t mean we don’t care about those things, or that we lack the discipline to be consistent. The only shoes you need to fill are YOURS!

Trust Fall: A Lesson and a Practice

Trust is most commonly framed as something that we have with or give to another person either automatically, or over time of learning who they really are. Zooming out, it’s clear how much farther it goes than that, and begs the question… Who and what can we rely on?

The Healthy Disillusion

It's safe to say that most people would love to be healthier. To live longer, stronger lives with enough energy to accomplish their dreams… or even just to do more fun activities without excess weight, pain, or chronic diseases getting in the way. For me it has taken a while, listening as my body evolves over time to understand what works for me, and I’m still far from finished on the journey. In the earlier years of becoming more health-conscious, I made small changes that felt huge! But, what appeared to be better options were sneaky mirages on the healing path ahead.

Romance Yourself This Valentine’s Day

I don’t know about you, but I love romance! It feels warm and cozy, radiating like a furnace from within. Our culture teaches us to see it as something someone else has the pilot light for, that we can’t spark it on our own, and that if we are not in a romantic relationship, or are in a relationship that is lacking romance, we must suffer through the loneliness and should be pitied.

Perfection Doesn’t Exist… Or Does It?

No matter how hard we try, no matter how focused we are on the flawless reality we idealize, no matter how hard we study or practice, no matter how many professionals we follow, and so on… we will never reach perfection. And that is ok! We weren’t meant to.

Setting the Stage for Success

Your space is your stage. It’s your sanctuary, your safe haven, your green screen, a blank canvas for you. Is it clear and ready for you to splash intentional color onto? Or does it have a bunch of unintentional built-up gunk and overspray from everything else going on? Over time, it has become very apparent how important it is to give that attention and intention to our space, both where we live and where we work or create. Click to read more!

How Did I Get Here?

Intertwined with (and starting long before) my journey of discovering my core values (explained in: Exploring the Value Within), was the journey of discovering how what was on my plate affected my body and my soul, and how I became sure that a vegan diet and lifestyle is the right choice for me. Like anyone, I’ve been down some winding roads to get to this place. Some, you may relate to and of course some will be unique to me. What matters is that we are all here together and spread our message of healing to both the ones we love and those we have never met. At the very least, my hope is that you learn something new about me and about yourself. If you’re vegan, or want to be more plant-based, know that you are not alone and you have community! Open to read more!