Reframing Creativity

The concept of creativity is often closely associated with the arts: Painting, pottery, crafts, writing, music, fashion, graphics, content, etc.

The truth is, creativity expands far beyond this one specific area, and into nearly every aspect of our lives. While it may be true that some people are more “creative” than others and some may even identify as “not creative at all,” I’d love to challenge that narrative.

Let’s take our perspectives and reframe them to hold more space, to show our whole lives as part of the artistry. It’s not just about what we can fit on a piece of paper, or take a beautiful photo of, it’s about our internal and external worlds coming together and expanding to experience more enjoyment and meaning.

Creativity in the Arts and Play
The classic example of creativity. Putting an image from our minds and bringing it to life on paper, canvas, or into a 3D form. Hobbies that keep us busy and help us use our brain in a fun way like sewing, puzzles, baking, etc. Using imagination to play with friends and write stories. I might even include some building and landscaping projects in this category depending on how much style is put into it.

This is nowhere near the only way to be creative, but it is one of the most fun!

Creativity in Relationships and Personal Development
We can be so creative in the ways we approach ourselves and others. First and foremost, we were created by two humans, and can create more humans, which is the simplest and most ancient form of creation. Now that we’re here, we can create meaningful relationships with friends and partners.

These relationships are a playground for who we are at our core. We think of fun things to do with our loved ones to bond and laugh together. When things aren’t going well, we look for ways to improve our communication and understanding. When we don’t feel well, we explore self-care and self-knowledge in different ways until we find routines that work for us.

Creativity in Work and Chores
We don’t always want to do it, but a little creativity can go a long way in lightening work and chores. Finding a new way to do the same monotonous things, or thinking of them in a more interesting way is key to maintaining momentum on the things we need to do.

Listening to music, finding patterns for efficiency, focusing on posture and muscle engagement to turn it into a more conscious activity, and if you’re at home or alone, maybe even doing some dancing while you’re at it. We can change our perspective and start enjoying things we drag our feet on much more easily than you think!

And of course, if you really don’t like your job, it may be time to find more meaningful work.

Creativity in Opportunity and Problem Solving
When we face hardship that seems hopeless and look outside of what we know to be possible, our lives become limitless. We have the freedom to expand into our wildest dreams when we take a creative eye to our lives. Most inventions and technology came from necessity of increased opportunity and problem solving.

People have used creativity to make life easier and more efficient since the beginning of our existence. We are hardwired to find what we need and overcome obstacles. There are countless ways to find more things that are for us and for our best interest. If we really want to, we can do anything.

Our empty frames want to be filled. Let’s fill them with a variety of creative ideas and projects. Let’s expand our view of ourselves as creative creatures into everything we do. It strengthens our confidence. It increases our enjoyment. It works our brain to keep it healthy and help avoid decline.

In what ways are you creative?

What are some new creative approaches you’d like to apply to your life?

In what ways have you always been creative and maybe didn’t realize it?

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