Spring into Movement

“As the landscape wakes up with longer days in the sunshine, so do we. After conserving so much energy this winter, I’m ready to move! We don’t need to run a marathon or go to the gym everyday to incorporate exercise. We can enjoy ourselves as we disrupt the stagnant energy in our bodies and move it out of our muscles through our breath, sweat, and emotions.  

To move with more purpose, it’s good to know some keys to movement and other aspects that can contribute to a deeper understanding of what motivates you and brings more enjoyment to your day.”

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Creating a Walking/Running Practice

There are so many different reasons people love to go for walks or runs, and under such different circumstances. The cycles of the seasons of life have a way of shifting interests, patterns, and priorities. Adapting to these changes is natural and means we won’t always be doing all the things we want to do. It doesn’t make us any less, or mean we’ve failed. It doesn’t mean we don’t care about those things, or that we lack the discipline to be consistent. The only shoes you need to fill are YOURS!