Pumpkin Lentil Curry

If you're still going strong on eating tasty seasonal fruit like pumpkins, check out this simple, easy, and delicious recipe for a lentil curry. To save you time, I'll lay out the recipe first and share my thoughts around it at the end. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I have!

Meal Preparation Basics: Batching and Time-Management

With just a little bit of practice, the extra time really adds up! Not to mention, on the days when you need to make everything and you have no free time, you can jump for joy knowing you won’t need to do it all over again tomorrow.. or the next day… or the next day.

Meal Preparation Basics: Organizing and Planning

Whether you are planning your meals for one day, one week, or making staples you can have available for you weeks ahead of time, it is beneficial to brainstorm a little. Getting options out in the open and seeing how much food and how frequently you want to cook will show you how simple and straight forward it can be. I’ll leave you with some ideas to try out while you’re preparing to get going in the kitchen this season.  

Trust Fall: A Lesson and a Practice

Trust is most commonly framed as something that we have with or give to another person either automatically, or over time of learning who they really are. Zooming out, it’s clear how much farther it goes than that, and begs the question… Who and what can we rely on?